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      2. Wu Yihong peak polyurethane equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in high and new technology enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing polyurethane foaming equipment, has a group of rich polyurethane equipment production experience of engineering and technical personnel.
        Our products include: high pressure foaming machine, polyurethane elastomer perfusion machine, sole/federal moulding machine, low-pressure foaming machine and complete sets of equipment. Is widely used in household appliances, insulation materials, car inner decoration, furniture, toys, handicrafts and other industries.
        We in line with strives for perfection the work ethic, "quality first, customer satisfaction" of the enterprise purpose, with superb professional technology, development for the customers with the spirit of continuous innovation to develop more utility and durability of the product. We will according to different technical requirements of users, to provide sale ? of conscience
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